Read these below responses for the question and provide a SHORT answer- address each student as if you were talking to them directly and give them your opinion on their

Read these below responses for the question and provide a SHORT  answer- address each student as if you were talking to them directly and give them your opinion on their response to the question- three separate answers for these three students.   Example did you like what they said? DO you agree or disagree and three sentences why this isnt hard JUST READ THE QUESTION- READ EACH STUDENTS RESPONSE AND WRITE A SHORT RESPONSE TO EACH STUDENT WITH YOUR THOUGHTS ON THEIR ANSWER TO THE QUESTION Find a news article on illegal immigration from an Arizona news source. How is illegal immigration framed in the article? are the terms that are used to describe illegal immigration? Did the article use qualitative, textual, or rhetorical methods to inform? Do you think Arizona’s geographical proximity to Mexico affects the description of the problem? Describe also how race, gender, and class are portrayed in the article. Why do you feel it was portrayed the way it was? Be sure to give examples from the newspaper article, and support your answer using scholarly sources. Student Answers- THE SUPREMACY CLAUSE VERSUS S.B. 1070: CAN ARIZONA’S STRICT ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION LAW WITHSTAND CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGE? This article discusses the possibility that Arizona’s Senate Bill (SB) 1070 has violated the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution. It mentions that the challenges facing the bill signal the importance of federal action to solve the serious immigration issues facing the U.S. with the chance that the statute will be struck down as unconstitutional. It notes the purpose of the bill which is to deter the unlawful entry and presence of aliens by persons unlawfully present in the U.S. (Carroll, 2011). It all started when a family husband was found dead with gunshot wounds; because it was alleged that he was aiding someone who was to be an illegal immigrant. Before Mr. Krentz’s death, the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act (S.B. 1070) was introduced into the Arizona State Legislature. This strict immigration measure was initiated largely “because border authorities [in Arizona] arrest more people and seize more drugs than . . . any other state.” (Carroll, 2011). This led to the family of the decease to pack up and move to another state. Immigrants left the state of Arizona due to the strict laws that were put in place. The is an alleged violation of the Fourteenth Amendment, where it protects against racial profiling and protection against unreasonable search and seizure. I do think Arizona’s geographical proximity to Mexico affects the description of the problem; because most people associate them as being drug smugglers, trafficking, and any other negative association. In the article, it said that “Mr. Krentz’s death reveals the serious public safety issues facing Arizona as a result of the federal government’s failure to quell the drug violence and human trafficking that afflicts America’s southern border” (Carroll, 2011). On April 22, 2020, KTAR News reported that the United States is seeing a significant decrease of people crossing into the country illegally during the coronavirus outbreak. I am sure this is a major concern for Arizona since it is a direct border state. The article is framed to have readers believe that there are many factors that play into the decrease of illegal immigrates reframing from crossing the U.S./Mexico border however, it emphasizes on the drop-in activity by cartels using qualitative methods, which implies that the vast of Mexican immigrates work for Criminal Cartels. “The criminal cartels are very smart, they know the ebbs and flows of the United States, understand politics,” National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd said. The news article takes a Collective Action approach by using Diagnostic Framing. “Diagnostic framing refers to the identification of a problem. In order for any social movement to be successful to any degree a problem must be identified.” In this case, the problem is the Cartels control every facet of illegal immigration on the borders and the Coronavirus outbreak has decreased activity, not the National Border Council. Now of course the news article does not communicate that directly… However, that is my counterframe to the article’s frame. Based on Benford & Snow, they used the discursive process to communication and include frame amplification and frame articulation; the ways events and experiences are organized, discussed and sold together in a simplified conceptual package. Basically, they attempted to control the narrative by explaining that officials are preparing for the possibility of increased illegal immigration by having the infrastructure of walls and technology in place, along with extra personnel once the coronavirus is tamed. “There are more agents at the border now than in the last two decades, according to Judd.” One can see this narrative spin as an approach to provide American taxpayers an opportunity to see that the National Border Council has a plan in place to eliminate illegal immigration or at least attempt to somewhat control it. Nonetheless, it is my opinion that the news article implied the vast majority of Mexican immigrates for working for criminal cartels. It did not provide an explanation of why it took the coronavirus to decrease the illegal immigration and not the National Border Council. I am not certain of is the relevance of mentioning that the United States will provide medical attention to immigrants… if the goal is to prevent them from coming over illegally in the first place. This article is about how illegal immigration is affecting the natural wildlife and canyons in Arizona. It is framed along how people outside of Arizona are perceiving illegal immigration and their responses to it inside of Arizona. Ethnicity also plays a large part of the article because this area is home to bands of Apache and their concern with the land, especially since this land in question is home to many endangered animals. Illegal immigration is a big political issue which has caused people to feel like they need a large border wall to make sure that there is no place that illegal immigrants can pass through to enter in the United States. They use both quantitative and qualitative content analysis in the article to both count the acts and examines how they should be regarded (Straubhaar et al., 2018). They used data of how many people are caught crossing the border in Tucson and Guadalupe Canyon area of Arizona and say that this number has hit a three-year low as of last April and use that number to show that illegal immigration in this area is not really a concern to the point of harming the environment in this area and disrupting the wildlife that exists in the area (Kapoor & Brocious, 2020). Their location to Mexico definitely affects how they see and describe the problem because they are actually living and experiencing the effects of illegal immigration while most politicians that are demanding a border wall is built do not have the same firsthand experience that they do. Those who are not in the same proximity view illegal immigration in this area to be an emergency security risk that requires a border wall in this area to stop the problem and that is worth the environmental impacts; those who are actually living there see that they are not really affected by illegal immigration and they are basically just destroying the land and disrupting protected wildlife for no reason (Kapoor & Brocious, 2020). They are trying to frame the immigration issue this way because they are trying to show people that not every area near Mexico is so impacted by the immigration that the environment needs to be destroyed to build a wall that is not necessary.

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