Question Question 1 When a primary care physician takes care of a patient, this might be referred to as what type of channel? A simple channel A unilevel channel A

Question Question 1 When a primary care physician takes care of a patient, this might be referred to as what type of channel? A simple channel A unilevel channel A direct channel A noncomplex channel 4 points Question 2 When there are several intermediaries between the producer and the ultimate consumer, this is referred to as which type of channel? Indirect Complex Multilevel Multiorganizational 4 points Question 3 Making a service more accessible is which value provided by an intermediary? Time Possession Place Form 4 points Question 4 When pharmaceutical companies keep durable medical equipment inventory for when it is needed by the patient, they are providing which utility? Time Possession Place Form 4 points Question 5 A Web-based interaction with a doctor for a consult is an example of a _____ interaction synchronous indirect direct asynchronous 4 points Question 6 The source in the communication process is the entity that receives the message the entity in the channel that facilitates the delivery of the message often the entity that causes the noise the sender of the message 4 points Question 7 Source credibility is whether the message can be believed there is a sufficient trust in the message that is communicated the sender has trust, knowledge, or expertise the receiver has the knowledge or believability to receive the information 4 points Question 8 Which of the following is not one of the attributes of today’s Web 2 0 environment? Personalization Social connection Active participation Identification 4 points Question 9 In health care, the more effective communicator has been found to be male female male or female, depending on the patient’s gender inconclusive 4 points Question 10 In recent years, the vast majority of advertising dollars in health care was directed toward patients employers physicians third-party payers 4 points Question 11 The two key dimensions of advertising that distinguish it from publicity and personal selling are mass media and paid nonpersonal and ongoing in messaging expensive and targeted nonpersonal and paid 4 points Question 12 Which form of advertising has been seen less often in health care? Informational Competitive Institutional Emotional 4 points Question 13 Which of the following is not a form of product advertising? seeking Reminder Competitive Identification 4 points Question 14 Because of the intangibility of services, the promotional challenge is to show how they really are tangible the value of the savings in using the service the tangible benefits of the service if used All of these are correct 4 points Question 15 Which of the following is not one of the five I’sof services? Inconsistency Inconvenience Intangible Inconsistency 4 points Question 16 In recent years, hospitals have moved to paying shift differentials for peak times in the operating room This is an attempt to manage which of the following five I’s of services? Inconsistency Intangible Inventory Inseparability 4 points Question 17 Compared to products, service marketing is more challenging because services are more variable it is harder to see the true value in the service services do not contain a core value services are less transparent 4 points Question 18 Under which reimbursement system is driving for market share a primary concern, as payment is based on a volume-driven perspective? Cost-based reimbursement Fee-for-service Pay for performance Capitation 4 points Question 19 Under which health care system does risk lie with the health care system to manage the care of the individual over the contractual period? Cost-based reimbursement Fee-for-service Capitation Pay for performance 4 points Question 20 When the percentage change in demand for a product or service exceeds the percentage change in price, then the consumer demand is said to be demand sensitive price elastic price inelastic demand insensitive 4 points Question 21 Technical selling is increasing among sales forces in health care companies primarily because physicians are not well trained in how to use devices the technologies being introduced are ever more complex there is an increasing cost requiring a harder sales push to get a buyer convinced the new product is worth purchasing All of these are correct 4 points Question 22 E-detailing has come into play for many organizations because of customers having greater use of the Internet the high cost of technical selling and detailing the greater reluctance for customers to see sales representatives in their office the ability to track customer response over the Web 4 points Question 23 The step in the sales process in which the salesperson identifies qualified prospects is referred to as prospecting pre-approach approach presentation 4 points Question 24 Academic detailing involves academicians calling on practicing physicians trained health care practitioners calling on physicians a restriction placed on detailing by sales representatives in academic medical centers the limitation of detailing by sales representatives in academic institutions unless they pre-notify the institution and call at selected hours 4 points Question 25 Which of the following is not a form of e-detailing? Virtual live e-detailing Online portal Live learning portal Scripted e-detailing

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