Business Law I Second Writing Assignment (II) “Triangle of Freedom” We are going to explore some of the founding values that provided the basis for

Business Law I Second Writing Assignment (II) “Triangle of Freedom” We are going to explore some of the founding values that provided the basis for our nation and its Constitution. This will require you to seek out thinkers from before the Constitution, during the period after the Revolutionary War, and commentators and historians since the Ratification of the United States Constitution. Action: Go online and play the lecture from Author Os Guinness discussing his most recent book. Book: “A Free People’s Suicide, Sustainable Freedom and the American Future.” Video: Use as many outside sources as you find, but cite them and/or use footnotes to denote their use. The average paper will be at least 6-8 pages double-spaced 12 font. Points Assigned to each of the criteria are in [brackets]. The Grade will be based upon the following criteria:  Was your paper organized, Introduction [5] The Topic, Purpose, and Scope of the paper. Body [5] Organized in the major categories below with Bold HEADERS. Conclusion [5] A summary of what was covered in the paper.  Did you search the web and other sources, [5] (Never use Wikipedia!)  Did you cite all sources, [5] Use footnotes in MLA format.  Did you use the following grid to analyze the concepts discussed in the lecture: Who were Cicero and Polybius, and what did they contribute to the lecture, why were they mentioned? [10] Describe the Paradox of Freedom, find at least two outside sources and quote them relative to the lecture. [5] Explain the Golden Triangle of Freedom. [5] Find ancient sources (prior to 1400AD) which confirm this, at least two. [5] Discover and quote at least two founders verifying the relationship. [5] Use at least one contemporary source other than the Author who agrees. [5] (Go to next page) BUL 2241 – 18716 Page 9 9 Give three examples of virtues that have deteriorated in the last 50 years as the Author stated. [5] Use outside sources and quote and cite them. [5] Does there appear a consensus on causation? [5] What do others say about the consequences of the deterioration? [5] The concept of “covenant” or the “consent of the governed” is one area where our founders did agree. What is the source? [5] Contrast the Will to Power and how does the “aliennation of leaders” contribute or assist the concept of the Golden Triangle of Freedom? [5] (Cite at least two sources.) Is renewal (i.e. return, reformation) possible? How? (Cite Sources to support) What is your opinion regarding these concepts and would civic education be of any value? [5] If you cannot find information on these criteria, talk with or communicate with the professor and library staff.

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