Below I basically copied and past the last page in this lab but attached the lab as well. Note: Lab/website does not have to be functional right now but must

Below I basically copied and past the last page in this lab but attached the lab as well. Note: Lab/website does not have to be functional right now but must include the needed information. Soon it will need to be functional and have a database which I can get into later on with the next few weeks. Finding someone that can on a weekly basis with computer science like this and later on with MySQL would be great. By the end of this course, the website will be fully functional with a database and ability to make a purchase on the website with a shopping cart since it is to be a commerce site. As part of the submission for this Lab, you will create your own Web page that uses most of the functionality discussed in this week including formatted text, hyperlinks, images, tables, lists and forms. The forms do not need to be functional for this lab. Specifically, you need to create a well-organized Web page that provides a brief overview of a fictitious e-Commerce company that sells a themed product line of your choice. The web page should list the products along with their images, descriptions, and price. You should provide at least 12 products on your Web page. Each product should have a hyperlink that when clicked provides more details about the product selected. An order form should be included to provide a simple interface to select the quantity of each of the products. The form should also allow the customer to fill out their firstname, lastname, street address, city, state, zipcode, credit card type (Mastercard, Visa, American Express), credit card number and expiration date. The form should include a field where the customer can provide up to 300 words of comments. The form should be user-friendly taking advantage of drop down list components, radio buttons, and check boxes as appropriate. As you are developing your Web page, be sure to build in small steps and test as you go along. This will ensure your access.log file will provide meaningful and accurate documentation of your test and build process. Review your access.log file and provide a brief summary to include analysis of http codes, request methods and timeline for testing. Create screen shots showing the successful running of your e-Commerce site. For your deliverables, you should submit a zip file containing your word document with screen shots and access.log analysis, html files, image files and access.log file. Note, you will most likely have multiple html pages and images for your submission. Include your full name, class number and section and date in the document. You should name your document yournameSDEV300Lab3.docx (or yournameSDEC300Lab3.pdf) and submit the document to the Lab1 assignments area no later than the due date. nt: If you aren’t sure what an e-Commerce site looks like, check out The level of detail found at is not required (nor possible, with the knowledge shared to date) but the site may give you some design ideas and format considerations. Have any questions, just ask!

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