1Q) Read four (4) academically reviewed articles on Net Neutrality and complete the following activities: (Wikipedia articles will not be accepted. Professor may check originality of all posts. Avoid copy-and-paste.

1Q) Read four (4) academically reviewed articles on Net Neutrality and complete the following activities: (Wikipedia articles will not be accepted. Professor may check originality of all posts. Avoid copy-and-paste. Summarize all four (4) articles in 300 words or more. use your own words. No copy-and-paste Base on your article review and the assigned reading, discuss how net neutrality will affect data networks and the availability of information to businesses. Do you believe net neutrality will lead to IT efficiency? Why or why not? 2Q)  I need Response of this below post with 150 words Net neutrality is nothing but any ISP (Internet service provider) should treat all the content flowing through their cables equally. The Network neutrality was found in 2003 when there were few ISP’s among which  AT&T only provides wired connections and restricts using wi-Fi routers and Comcast and other providers banned users from accessing VPN through you can work from anywhere outside the office network. Net neutrality is clearly on treating every byte of data equally. The terms fast lane and slow lane internet have aroused based on the subscriptions or the premium services which lead to poorer experience. Net Neutrality would definitely lead to IT efficiency. Based on the govt decisions, we can see broadband providers to slowly take advantage of their freedom and the steps to slow down the speed and increase the blocked content in some lanes. Several states have passed a bill to protect net neutrality and they are not quite robust at this times. From IT perspective, we can take measures to protect business before the worse could happen. We need to choose the ISP who would provide the communication we require and which can avoid network congestion. Websites, each close by and countrywide, can rival each different without paying ISPs. They’re no longer restricted to serving only those customers who’re paying their net suppliers to see positive websites. As long as a close-by commercial enterprise has facilitating and placement, it can input the universe of online marketing and search engine optimization like some different enterprise with an online nearness. This evens the percentages and your enterprise get an indistinguishable remedy from Facebook or Amazon. Large companies have profound pockets. They could pay ISPs any upload up to be inside the level they like, have to net neutrality be annulled. Anyhow, the equal does now not continue to be steady for close by organizations, as they have got very little coins or boundless assets. Therefore, it’ll be excessive for them to enter the online world. Gratefully, with internet neutrality installation, this is not the state of affairs. I consider that internet Neutrality is so crucial “without Net Neutrality, link and Smartphone agencies should cut the internet into short and mild paths,” cautions keep the internet, a coalition of institutions that have been requiring the conservation of the standards. “An ISP may want to backtrack its competitors’ substance or piece political sentiments it couldn’t contradicting. ISPs may want to rate additional expenses to the few substance companies that could bear to pay for unique remedy – consigning each other man or woman to a slower degree of management. 3Q) I need Response of this below post with 150 words NET NEUTRALITY: It referred to as a practice in which the data packets should move with a reason without considering any destination and the source and the content. This principle holds the connectivity of wireless as well as wired internet utilities such as power or gas or electricity or landline etc.; Net neutrality states that the service providers such as Verizon or the Comcast, these service providers must provide some of the open network services without blocking any of the applications. The efforts which are done to separate the net neutrality process will usually affect the means which are running their businesses. Previously some of the service providers named as Verizon or the Comcast these slowed down the throughput secretly, slowing down the performance is privately is known as the throttling process. This process is used to share the applications. Net neutrality is a process deals with when the user works online the user expects that he/she should visit and access the uninterrupted site. Net neutrality usually prohibits the internet service providers, i.e., ISP’s namely AT & T and Verizon and Comcast the primary objective is these ISP’s should not interrupt the internet usage which means net neutrality should not speed up or slow down the application and it should block the information. Most of the times net neutrality is defined as how the internet works. Net neutrality is the process which allows the users to communicate freely in online. Broadband is the most effective form of the network because of its network speeds and high accessing speeds. It is accessed in four different ways they are DSL and Cable and Fiber optic and satellite these are the four times of services. DSL is the type of service it uses unused telephone wires for the connection by that it causes no interruption to the telephone. The second service is Cable connected through the local cable tv. In this service, the speed varies by the number of connected users. The third service is fiber optic. This is the faster than other services. The fourth service is a satellite. It is the slowest broadband service compare to other broadband services. In this competitive and modern era, speed is the primary concern in all the aspects of the technology. Creative content referred to as one of the fundamental issues. The site which loads the information faster than the other websites will have the higher efficiency because the user prefers to visit the fast loading site. Similarly, when the user visits, and it loads slower than the other places then users feel irritated and leaves the site which results in the loss to the sales of the website. So, speed is the primary concern in every aspect.

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